Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Be a 'Groundling'

So, you are going to come and see Macbeth by the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. There’s no question about that. But why should you buy yard tickets and come as a ‘groundling’ and stand the whole time? Well here are

Nicole Allen’s Top Ten Reasons Why You Should See Macbeth as a ‘Groundling’:

10. It’s cheaper. In this economy? seriously.

 9. You are literally inches away from the actors and all the action.

8. Audience participation. You can’t avoid it when you are leaning on the front of the stage.

7. You’ll be perfectly situated to throw bread and rotten fruit at your least favorite characters.

6. Its COLD outside. Why not stand close to your fellow patrons and actually stay warm?

5. You stand up at rock concerts don’t you?

4. You’ll be in spitting distance. Everyone loves the splash zone at Sea World don’t they?

3. You’ll be called a ‘groundling’. Seriously. How cool is that?

2. Ever wanted to look into the eyes of a murderous lunatic? You’ll get you chance!  (without the real danger of actually getting murdered)

1. Feel like you want to take part in the ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ protests, but can’t? Come be like the 99% of Shakespeare’s day, and stand brother to brother, while getting entertained!

Convinced? Here’s how you get tickets!
Go to  and click on the ‘Buy Tickets’ link.

Not convinced? Then there are still seated gallery seats as well, for the weak of heart.

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