Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Timothy Peay: "You get to customize your very own Shakespeare show!"

By Summer Tour cast member Timothy Peay:

Now is a great time to be living. Thanks to advances in technology and the Internet basically everything is available to us. Not only that but basically everything is also customizable to us, ourselves. We feel great because this one person in the universe, us, can have so many things that are purely ours. No body else’s. If someone with the same model of phone as you picked up yours by accident they would quickly see that it wasn’t in fact theirs. That’s the way things are and we appreciate it a lot!

Well, not to blow your mind but there’s something else, a once in a lifetime opportunity to customize something to your self that not a lot of people get the chance to. You get to customize your very own Shakespeare show! You can make it yours and it will never be like any other. 

How is this possible you ask? Well dear reader let me tell you.

When you come be a part of a show performed by The Grassroots Shakespeare Company it will be unique to that audience every single time. It’s not like any other performance because the actors listen to the audience

You see in Shakespeare’s own day they would have large rowdy and most likely drunk audiences. Shakespeare wrote in a way that was planned to be interactive with the audience and his actors performed it that way. 

We in Grassroots Shakespeare, take these shows “back to their roots” by performing them just as Shakespeare’s actors were believed to have performed them in their day. 

Therefore whatever your reaction is when that bad guy comes on stage or those two lovers kiss for the first time, or even when the fool tells a poor joke, will bring out a reaction from those actors that nobodie's seen before! As long as you make yourself heard, your shouts and cat calls will customize that show to you and nobody will ever get that same experience again even if they watched our show’s a hundred times! Crazy! 

That’s what I love about Grassroots Shakespeare’s performances and that’s why I encourage everyone to come see them as often as you can! There is no 4th wall in these show’s, separating the actors from the audience; they’ll go along with you on these epic adventures.

So come and experience it! If you think that customizing your phone is a big deal then just wait for the crazy adventure of customizing your own Shakespeare to fit you right now in 2014. The soon the better! You’ll love it!

About Timothy Peay:

This Is Tim’s first ever performance in a full length Shakespearean show, as well as his first experience with the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. He’s excited and grateful for this fantastic opportunity. Tim is a acting student at Utah Valley University. Former performances include, most recently, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse at UVU, and Dracula: The Musical, in Kamas, UT.

***Video featuring Timothy Peay coming soon. Check our facebook page later this week for the video, then come and see our shows! Details at www.grassrootsshakespeare.com and our Facebook Event. *** 

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