Monday, October 6, 2014

Titus Andronicus 2014: Alex Ungerman "Five Things You Should Warned About Before Seeing TITUS ANDRONICUS"

Post by Titus Andronicus Cast Member Alex Ungerman:

Five Things You Should Warned About Before Seeing TITUS ANDRONICUS:

1-We’ve got an infestation of tarantulas. Creepy, right?

Ok, ok—maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s partially true. See, we’re performing at the outdoor Castle Amphitheatre in Provo. It’s this gorgeous stone theatre nestled into the mountainside behind the State Hospital. It’s also home to a lot of giant spiders. Last week we spotted a 4 in long-legged Carolina Wolf Spider hiding between the pavers, and then later a Western Desert Tarantula crawling the stone steps in the audience. 
We’re not making this up.

2-There will be blood.

If you are squeamish, you might want to sit this one out. Titus is without a doubt Shakespeare’s most gruesome play. And we’re not shying away from this. In fact, for the more adventurous among you, we recommend the “splash zone” up front, because...

3-Lots of horrific things happen in Jacobean Revenge Tragedy.

What’s a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy? It’s a genre wildly popular In Shakespeare’s day that features gratuitous acts of violence and carnage. Many scholars think that Titus was Will’s first play, and that he may have been trying a little too hard to one-up the other authors of the day by including some of the most unimaginably horrific crimes known to man, including: 

-Human Sacrifice
-Voluntary Amputation

4-This is not your typical Shakespeare.

If you like nice, quiet shows where the audience quietly sits back and turns off their cell phones, and doesn’t unwrap cough drops because it might be too loud in the quiet theatre—this may not be the show for you. 
In fact, if you don’t like standing up, this may not be the show for you. 
While we do offer limited seating for an increased ticket price, most of the audience will be standing in the pit in front of the stage—just as the raucous groundlings would have done in Shakespeare’s day. We’re convinced it’s the absolute best way to see Shakespeare—just inches away from the death-defying action.
We’ll be having various (loud) musical acts as pre-show every night, and even after the band leaves the stage, we invite the audience to continue the cheering and interaction throughout the show. 
Your grandma would hate it.

5-If you buy online, and come earlier in the run, you’ll save a lot of money.

We don’t have enough seats, and we’ll probably sell out sooner than we’d like. 
We want you to come to the show—really we do! However, with our current set-up, we can only fit 115 people into every performance (50 seated in the back, 65 standing up front). Usually, our final weekend sells out—so we’re offering a special incentive for you to come earlier: buy online, and come before closing weekend, and you’ll get a better ticket price. 
We all win.

About Alex Ungerman:
Alex will be playing Lucius in Titus Andronicus

Alex Ungerman is co-founder of the Grassroots Shakespeare Company (Utah) and Grassroots Shakespeare Alabama. Titus will be the tenth Grassroots show he has appeared in. Aside from Grassroots, favorite touring experiences include BYU Young Company, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Titus Andronicus performs at the Castle Amphitheater in Provo Utah from Oct 17th-November 1st 2014. Tickets and Details HERE