Monday, October 20, 2014

Titus Andronicus 2014: Eric Geels " We turn actors into directors"

Post by Titus Andronicus cast member Eric Geels:

My first few days of my first grassroots experience were rough to say the least. We were still a fairly new company trying to figure out the best way to cast shows and we still hadn't figured out the proper vernacular to explain what we were trying to do; many times just saying, well that's just grassroots. It was frustrating coming into that situation. I was an actor that loved to perform Shakespeare and had only done so with a director I could turn to when I was unsure of anything I was doing. I felt as though I would be lost and fail without that safety net.

Something happened though during that Halloween show 3 years ago. I became not only an actor but a director as well. Not only that but I had 11 other directors who had the same goal as me. To tell the best story of macbeth possible. As the 2 weeks of rehearsals flew by (I still think it's crazy we put a show together in that amount of time) I learned to trust in myself and to lean on the collective knowledge of the company. The result of that was an incredibly rewarding and beautifully told story I got to be a part of.

Fast forward 3 years and 6 grassroots shows later and I feel more so than ever that grassroots collaborative nature is still one of the best ways to tell a story. I like to think of the process as a democratic monarchy. We vote as a cast on nearly every decision but in the end you are the king or queen of your performance. We've nearly perfected that vernacular we lacked in the beginning. We tell amazing stories. We turn actors into directors.

I learn daily from this amazingly cohesive cast of Titus Andronicus. I love the responsibility we feel to tell this story in its clearest form. I hope people come to see this show more than any show I've been a part of because of the performances and the love we have for each other.
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About Eric Geels:
Eric is playing Demetrius in Titus Andronicus

Eric is happy to be rejoining Grassroots again. He loves the original practise approach that GSC performs with, 
and is obsessed with their Halloween performances. This will be his 6th show with GSC.

Titus Andronicus performs at the Castle Amphitheater in Provo Utah from Oct 17th-November 1st 2014. Tickets and Details HERE

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