Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Kailey Green: "As we love our stories and our characters, our audience would love them too."

By Summer Tour cast member Kailey Green:


The Grassroots Shakespeare Company is an incredible and unique company and I loved working with them. As You Like It and Henry V are my second and third productions with the company and I hope to return for many more. For my blog post I want to share one thing I have learned from all three of my Grassroots Productions.

From The Winter’s Tale I learned there is no such thing as a stupid choice. Acting is a lot about following impulses and making choices for your character and I was extremely hesitant to make any choices because I felt inexperienced and inferior. But as I watched the rest of the much more experienced cast work together I realized that choices aren’t permanent. If something doesn’t work, try something else! The entire cast was incredibly encouraging, supportive, patient, and kind and I grew ten fold from that production because of them.

From Henry V I learned that love is contagious. Henry V is my number one favorite Shakespeare play, hands down. I was thrilled to be apart of the production. Okay, I was full on fan girling. But I knew other members of the cast were less excited. Through out rehearsals I spoke up for specific moments, scenes, and characters and I was thrilled to see other members of the cast become excited about, not only Henry’s journey, but their own character’s as well. I realized as we love our stories and our characters, our audience would love them too.

From As You Like It I learned… actually, I was reminded that ACTING IS HARD. Seriously, I applaud my entire cast for their incredible work because it’s hard! Especially with Shakespeare. My two characters in As You Like It are characters I had never come across before. One came easily, and the other was rough going. It took me a while to figure out who Audrey was within the Grassroots production, but when I finally found her Valley Girl voice she suddenly fit. And I love her in all her annoying silliness.

Adam... oh Adam. I adore him, but he is extremely difficult for me. Maintaining the physicality of an old man, along with an older sounding voice seems next to impossible some days. But, it’s a fun challenge and with the encouragement I received from the cast I always enjoy my time on stage as Adam.

To conclude (if you’re still with me), I want to just list five other qualities that I love about The Grassroots Shakespeare Company.

1. Grassroots makes Shakspeare fun and accessible for all ages.
2. I have made incredible friendships because of Grassroots.
3. The Board of Directors are extremely involved with the productions.
4. The Company is growing rapidly, not only in Utah but in Alabama and London as well.
5. I have somewhere I can go to be apart of a Shakespeare production, because I love Shakespeare.

Thanks for existing, Will, you’re the best.

About Kailey Azure Green:

Kailey Azure Green is most excited to be returning to the Grassroots Shakespeare Company Stage as Audrey and Adam in As You Like It and Chorus in Henry V, her favorite Shakespeare play. She was most recently seen in UVU's production of Lily's Purple Plastic Purse as Julius and Penny, and Grassroots' The Winter's Tale as Perdita and Mamillius.  Kailey totally rocked at those parts, and plans to knock your socks off again this summer. She is an avid reader, hairbrush singer, and a dashboard drummer. She would like to thank her roommate and best friend, Toria for writing this bio for her. Thanks Toria!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Addison Radle "The Costuming of a Character, and the Characterization of a Costume"

By 2014 Summer Tour cast member Addison Radle:

The Costuming of a Character, and The Characterization of a Costume

As a cast member of a Grassroots show, you are a lot more than just an actor. You are a director, a props master, a stage manager, a stage hand, and a costumer to name a few. This allows you to have more influence over the show than an actor normally would. For instance, you design your own costumes

Rarely, if ever, during a production do you, as an actor, get to sit down with the costume designer and discuss the details of your costume. On previous occasions I felt that my costume did not fit the character at all, especially in smaller roles where no background is given in the text. As you have spent hours thinking about this character, who they are, where they come from, why they are where they are now, you ought to have a very vivid image in your head of what this character looks like. 

In As You Like It, I play the character, Jaques. Very little information is written in the text. Basically, you know that he is melancholy and that he followed the duke into exile. Because of his speech in Act II, Scene VII, one can assume he is something of a philosopher and a poet. 

From this I pulled that he was once a member of the Dukes court prior to his exile. He is melancholy as of late, because he longs to be back in court. Upon discovering this, I began to imagine him still wearing his old clothes from court, holding on to what little he has left. But they are not what they used to be. He has been in exile for many years, and the clothes are no better for the wear. His once fine suite's sleeves are tattered and torn. His best pants are ripped and stained. He has gone from riches to rags.

About Addison Radle:

This is Addison's first show with the Grassroots Shakespeare. His favorite Shakespearean plays are Othello, Richard III, and The Taming of the Shrew. His dream roles are Iago in Othello, Cassio in Julius Caesar, and Owen in The Foreigner.

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Charlotte Andrews: 'Not your typical theatre-going experience'

By 2014 Summer Tour cast member Charlotte Martell Andrews:

Grassroots is not your typical theatre-going experience—and that’s why I love it. Between our expectation of audience interaction and constantly shattering the fourth wall, each show is as individual as its audience. You never know when someone is going to shout “Just kiss her!” at Orlando or when a kid will run up and sit beside you at the edge of the stage. As an actor, it’s really exciting to be able to experience new moments in the show each night.

I feel like we’re able to develop a relationship with each of the audiences we perform for. I love seeing individuals in the audience and making personal connections with them. Whether I’m cautioning a couple in the front that “the oath of a lover is no stronger than the word of a tapster” or arguing with another character and treating the audience as the jury, I love how involved the audience is in the course of the show.

Having a vocal audience cheering, booing, and “aww”ing makes it easy to gage how clearly we’re telling our story. There’s a beautiful give and take relationship when actors and an audience are both fully invested in a performance. Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for our next show.

Aside from the audience, the cast is my favorite part of performing with GSC. (What did you expect? Theatre is all about people)! The casts of As You Like It and Henry V have been some of the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve ever worked with.

With GSC’s “no director” approach to their productions, we actors are constantly critiquing and making suggestions—but always with an attitude of “you’re doing great and we know there is even more awesome in you—show us!” And I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much during the rehearsal process.

Grassroots Shakespeare is kind of my life right now, and it is awesome. Join us!

About Charlotte Martell Andrews:

Charlotte is delighted to be performing with the Grassroots Shakespeare Company for the first time. She is a senior at BYU majoring in psychology. She has recently participated in several short student films and stage productions. Her hobbies include participating in Nanowrimo, drawing, contemporary dance, and making yogurt and sushi (separately).

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Jason Sullivan: 'We find our humanity within the play'

By 2014 Summer Tour cast member Jason Sullivan: 

“What a piece of work is man!”  I know: wrong play, right? In my life lately, I’ve had many experiences that now bring these words from Hamlet to mind.  “What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel! In apprehension how like a god!” 

I keep company in circles filled with talent, brilliance, skill, and wisdom.  One such circle is the Grassroots Shakespeare Company.   And one such person (although I didn’t know him personally) was William Shakespeare (depending on which historian you listen to).  The brilliance of the text sparks our imaginations and moves our hearts as both actors and audience. We find our humanity within the play.  Finding my own humanity as I play Henry is an experience that feels at once both natural and demanding.  I feel simultaneously connected to him and at odds with him. 

This is my second time as Henry—once as Prince Hal, in Henry IV part II, and now later in his life as King Henry V.  Through much of his story, Hal seems irresponsible, careless, and wholly unworthy of the mantle of the king.  Eventually, however, the death of his father, more than any other factor, causes a dramatic turnaround in Hal.  He shuns his former company of drunkards and low-lives, takes on the responsibilities of a ruler, and comes to love the people of England more than even his own life. 

As we rehearse, I find the King to be…ferocious—something I did not find in the Prince.  One of Hal’s major hurdles was his selfish joviality and wasteful idleness.  Now we find a noble king, devoted to God and to his subjects, but lacking the confidence and experience to be sure-footed in his leadership.  Henry V, for me, is the story of Hal’s growth into a true leader.  One who receives council from trusted advisors.  One who serves, more than rules, his subjects. Certainly, he’s not a perfect man.  But he’s a man who has come to understand who he is, and who his people are and could be. Again, as I see the potential of human beings, I remember the words of Hamlet: 

“What a piece of work is a man! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel! In apprehension how like a god!”

About Jason Sullivan:

Jason is excited and grateful to be back with Grassroots this summer--especially to play Henry once again.  A graduate of the UVU Theatrical arts program, some of Jason’s favorite acting credits include Hutter in UVU’s “Nosferatu”, Mr. Holloway in UVU’s “Something Wiked This Way Comes” and Petruchio in Grassroots’ “Taming of the Shrew”.  In his rare free time, Jason enjoys art, mountain biking, and camping.

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