Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mark Oram: Romeo and Juliet 2015

Written by Romeo and Juliet cast member and Grassroots Shakespeare Company All-Star, Mark Oram:

My favorite part of the Grassroots process is the collaborative, actor-led rehearsals. Rather than looking to a sole director to guide the play, we work together as an equally-invested group of actors to bring out the most in each moment. When it works, it is an invigorating experience. Nobody is sitting off to the side of the rehearsal room just waiting for their cue. Everyone is completely engaged in creating the best theatre they can. This is the feeling that inspired the creation of the Grassroots Shakespeare Company, and it’s the same feeling that keeps me coming back for more!

As I’ve reviewed the part of Lord Capulet for this production, I’ve noticed even more examples of his extreme changeableness. It seems that Shakespeare either couldn’t settle on the character’s function within the story, or (more likely) that his function is to illustrate the source of Juliet’s capriciousness.  If Capulet were a more steady, predictable, level-headed individual, perhaps this story would end happily.  But people are not always surrounded by the influences they need, and Juliet’s behavior seems to indicate that she has inherited at least some of her father’s impulsiveness.

Mark will be playing Capulet in Romeo and Juliet. 

More about Mark Oram:

Mark Oram is an English, Theatre, and Shakespeare teacher at Corner Canyon High School and Co-Founder of the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. He has an MFA in Staging Shakespeare from the University of Exeter, where he studied voice, movement, text, and directing at the Globe Theatre. Mark has performed with the Seattle Shakespeare Company, Sundance Summer Theatre, BYU Young Company Shakespeare Troupe, Hale Center Theatre Orem, and Grassroots Shakespeare London.

Our Valentines Day production of Romeo and Juliet will have a very limited run from Feb 13th-14th at the Ladies Literary Club (850 E South Temple) in Salt Lake City. 

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