Monday, January 18, 2010

Twelfth Night: Success!

Special thanks go out to:

Our Audience--for laughing with us and at us. We are nothing without your continued support!

Our Participants--for being ready to take a risk and step on stage. For memorizing, Our participants this time around were probably more memorized and prepared than they had ever been before! And for giving us such a great show!

Daniel Whiting--You never would have known it, but this was Daniel's first time running the workshop. And he did a marvelous job!

Julie Garbutt--for finding us a place to hold the workshop! We could not have done it without her!

Jyllian Petrie--for outstanding work on costuming and props! and much help in organizing!

Jordan Vance and Becca Ingram--For tackling the arduous task of casting 24 people in 60 roles! No easy job!

Kyle Oram--for help co-ordinating, advertising, organizing, and excessive awesomeness. Not to mention excellent work on the guitar.

Jason Sullivan
--for handling our donations and finances, and for contributing in our preparations!

Matt Carlin--for superb work keeping us both safe and entertained during our stage fights!

Jordan Campbell--for taking our show to the next level with some great music!

Mark Oram and Alex Ungerman--for an excellent and timely cutting! And for writing lots of e-mails and fielding correspondence.

Bill Shakespeare
--for writing some great plays.

Kate McPherson
--for being our champion and Resident Scholar (and excellent solicitor of donations) We would not exist without her influence.

Trevor Robertson--for advertising and flyers and consistent reliability.

Adam Decker, Claudia and Emily Dorsey, Michael Nagro, Miranda McPherson--for consistently and continually signing-up and contributing great performances!

Mel Leilani Larson--for encouraging her students to come!

Again, Our Audience--for being wonderfully supportive, patient, understanding, and encouraging. We had 75 turn out to see the show! That's fantastic!

Our next workshop is already in the works--join us on our Facebook fanpage to receive updates on developments as they are hatched!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Workshop Enrollment Now Open!

TWELFTH NIGHT--workshop January 16th

to enroll.

This is how it works:
1-You sign-up via e-mail. Just send us a message and let us know you want a piece of the action.

2-We randomly assign parts. You recieve a few scenes from us about 4 or 5 days before the workshop. You memorize your lines.

3-You show up Saturday January 16th at 5pm ready to work hard and have a good time. You've read a synopsis of the play, you've done a bit of homework, and you've memorized your lines.
We rehearse for a few hours, then we play.

4-You perform a fast paced and furiously funny one-hour cutting of Twelfth Night. All your friends and family come to see you perform. Good times all around.


questions? Send them on over to