Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Reasons to Audition for our Halloween Show, 'The Revenger's Tragedy'

Written by GSC Board Member, Daniel Fenton Anderson:

Auditions for The Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s fifth annual Halloween show are coming up. So I thought I’d write a few reasons why this is an audition you wont want to miss. You can sign up for an audition time HERE.

1.  Tis the season: Every year there are a slew of spooky shows going on in the valley, and any actor would be remiss if they didn’t take part in one! Like Christmas shows, Halloween shows have a special feel right from day one and Grassroots is no different. Finding ways to highlight and play with the ooky and spooky in our Halloween shows makes this my favorite slot in our season.

2.  The audience is like no other: If you’ve ever seen a Grassroots show, then you know that audiences are a character in the show just as much as the actors, and it’s in our Halloween show that we really get to play with them. Our Halloween audiences are some of our loudest, cleverest, and most responsive. They didn’t come for a nice night in a cozy theatre; they brave the elements to go to the castle and see an EVENT. They howl at the moon, they gleefully wait to be spooked, and some even wear white in hopes to get some stage blood doused on them, which also happens semi frequently in this slot.

3.  Your resume gets a nice boost: As an actor, getting some classical work under your belt is really a boon to your performing skills. On top of that, withThe Revenger’s Tragedy, you get to add a Jacobean play to your resume that isn’t Shakespeare. That doesn’t happen very often, and it’s a nice conversation starter at future auditions!

4.  You get to be in charge of your own show: With Grassroots, we strive to build shows as an ensemble. That means many of the creative decisions of the show will be up to the group. This ends up being a total blast during Halloween. I remember in       
     In Richard III, we were trying to figure out what to do to stage some death scenes that are only talked about in the script. After putting our heads together, we ended up with a horrifying mix of fake entrails, chainsaws, and blood all over both the stage and the audience. It was awesome. And even in our less bloody shows, like Doctor Faustus, we found great ways to really raise some hell…literally in that case!

5.  You get to perform in a unique venue: The castle amphitheater in Provo is the perfect mood setter for Halloween. Stone seating, turrets, and a winding drive up to the base of the mountain do half the work of making things spooky for our show. The weather may get nippy, but you’ll be bundled in layers, and so full of adrenaline that it won’t matter. Trust me, one year we had a freak blast of snow blow through, which once combined with the fake blood left on stage turned our set into a cherry snow cone ice rink. Even with all of that combined, (and don’t worry, that’s not usually the norm) it remains one of my favorite shows, just because everyone there was having a blast. Even the audience.

So sign up HERE, and bring a short monologue or sonnet to auditions this Friday, August 28th. Don’t worry if you haven’t done Shakespeare before, and don’t worry if your monologue isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread. We’re all just a bunch of actors, looking to experiment with making Shakespeare fun, relevant, and in the case of this show… a little bit terrifying! 

More details on our website HERE
Questions? Email us at bard@grassrootsshakespeare.com