Sunday, May 31, 2009

"the play's the thing"

It's difficult to describe the unique spirit of camaraderie that has developed this week within our company. The rehearsal process has been more of an exploration than a recitation, and each night the spark of creative ingenuity becomes brighter and more energized. We have constructed set pieces, explored blocking choices, glued wet newspaper to each other's faces, and grilled quite enough burgers to go around.

With a cast of only eleven actors, and without the help of a director, design team, or stage crew, we have begun to discover some of the surprising realities behind original practices. Each scene and each character, every night, are being imbued with more life and creative energy, as our eleven cast members share insights and ideas to help make the show as engaging and lively as possible.

The result, so far, is a truly vibrant work of collaborative art - a moving collage of colors, shapes, characters and time periods that seems to grow organically from the grass on which we perform. The enthusiasm is becoming infectious, and our company is increasingly unified by it. It's joyous, effervescent, and genuinely playful.

It is, after all, a play. And how aptly named. In fact, that may be the best word to describe this process: play. It is deep, childlike, adventurous play.

And the process has been so affecting, so liberating and fun, that I think it would indeed be a shame for anyone to miss out. Please, come play with us! Our first show is Friday at the Riverton Arts Festival!

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See you at the play!

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  1. This show sounds amazing! I can't wait to see if it's as magical as it sounds.