Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Kailey Green: "As we love our stories and our characters, our audience would love them too."

By Summer Tour cast member Kailey Green:


The Grassroots Shakespeare Company is an incredible and unique company and I loved working with them. As You Like It and Henry V are my second and third productions with the company and I hope to return for many more. For my blog post I want to share one thing I have learned from all three of my Grassroots Productions.

From The Winter’s Tale I learned there is no such thing as a stupid choice. Acting is a lot about following impulses and making choices for your character and I was extremely hesitant to make any choices because I felt inexperienced and inferior. But as I watched the rest of the much more experienced cast work together I realized that choices aren’t permanent. If something doesn’t work, try something else! The entire cast was incredibly encouraging, supportive, patient, and kind and I grew ten fold from that production because of them.

From Henry V I learned that love is contagious. Henry V is my number one favorite Shakespeare play, hands down. I was thrilled to be apart of the production. Okay, I was full on fan girling. But I knew other members of the cast were less excited. Through out rehearsals I spoke up for specific moments, scenes, and characters and I was thrilled to see other members of the cast become excited about, not only Henry’s journey, but their own character’s as well. I realized as we love our stories and our characters, our audience would love them too.

From As You Like It I learned… actually, I was reminded that ACTING IS HARD. Seriously, I applaud my entire cast for their incredible work because it’s hard! Especially with Shakespeare. My two characters in As You Like It are characters I had never come across before. One came easily, and the other was rough going. It took me a while to figure out who Audrey was within the Grassroots production, but when I finally found her Valley Girl voice she suddenly fit. And I love her in all her annoying silliness.

Adam... oh Adam. I adore him, but he is extremely difficult for me. Maintaining the physicality of an old man, along with an older sounding voice seems next to impossible some days. But, it’s a fun challenge and with the encouragement I received from the cast I always enjoy my time on stage as Adam.

To conclude (if you’re still with me), I want to just list five other qualities that I love about The Grassroots Shakespeare Company.

1. Grassroots makes Shakspeare fun and accessible for all ages.
2. I have made incredible friendships because of Grassroots.
3. The Board of Directors are extremely involved with the productions.
4. The Company is growing rapidly, not only in Utah but in Alabama and London as well.
5. I have somewhere I can go to be apart of a Shakespeare production, because I love Shakespeare.

Thanks for existing, Will, you’re the best.

About Kailey Azure Green:

Kailey Azure Green is most excited to be returning to the Grassroots Shakespeare Company Stage as Audrey and Adam in As You Like It and Chorus in Henry V, her favorite Shakespeare play. She was most recently seen in UVU's production of Lily's Purple Plastic Purse as Julius and Penny, and Grassroots' The Winter's Tale as Perdita and Mamillius.  Kailey totally rocked at those parts, and plans to knock your socks off again this summer. She is an avid reader, hairbrush singer, and a dashboard drummer. She would like to thank her roommate and best friend, Toria for writing this bio for her. Thanks Toria!

***Vido featuring Kailey Green coming soon. Check our facebook page later this week for the video, then come and see our shows! Details at and our Facebook Event. *** 

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