Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Tour 2014 - Dominic Zappala: "give theatre back to the people."

Written by Summer Tour cast member Dominic Zappala:

William Shakespeare is one of the most influential writers of the modern age of english. Having created many complex characters, infamous plots, and twisted hamartia, Shakespeare revolutionized storytelling in a way that has captivated audiences for centuries.

A well run urban myth goes that since the original opening of Hamlet, not a s single day has gone by where it has not played somewhere in the world. The legacy and universality of ‘The Bard’s’ work is forever ingrained and quite literally indoctrinated into each and every culture. And it is well said that the key to Shakespeare's long-living work lies within the language itself. Each page of text presents new metaphor, and each line of verse breaths a living humanity into the souls of those who listen.

The goal of the Grassroots Shakespeare Company is not only to live up to the glorious text itself, but to make the lyrical language of Shakespeare accessible to all. No longer being the language of the elite, but the tongue of the people, as it was meant to be. The Grassroots Shakespeare Company shifts from the high-brow aspect of Shakespearean theatre and brings new light to the subject bringing back the root of the story and the foundation in every word. Long gone is the ruse of bright lights and microphones and here to stay is truthfulness and honesty in acting and word.

While some may see the Grassroots Shakespeare Company as a childish game or a cheap show. I view Grassroots as an honor to the name of the Founder himself. By bringing back the lost arts of theatre we reinvent what it means to portray the characters so long loved over the past centuries. And therein, give the theatre back to the people.

About Dominic Zappala:

It’s been a full year since Zappala’s last Grassroots show, having premiered the grassroots stage on the previous Summer Tour, and now he is more than ready to perform as Oliver, Amiens & William in As You Like It and Duke of Orleans, Burgundy & Archbishop of Ely in Henry V. It’s a great relief for him to be exiting the high school drama scene -- his most prominent role being Lt. Cable in South Pacific -- and entering the professional arena. Previous Grassroots roles include Poins in Henry IV and Antonio in Much Ado About Nothing.

***Check out this video featuring Dominic Zappala then come and see our shows! Details at and our Facebook Event. *** 

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