Saturday, June 6, 2009

Opening Night

Tonight's performance at the Riverton Arts Festival marked the beginning of an exciting and unpredictable month for our troupe. In less than two weeks, we have gone from the first read-through of our cue scripts, to the first performance of our show. And what a performance it was...

The biggest foe we faced tonight was the weather. Luckily, we avoided rain, but the wind was strong, loud, and constant. Worried that our audience would be unable to hear us, we essentially had to yell through the entire performance. It was an hour and ten minute fight with the elements, but the crowd definitely came along for the ride.

In spite of the stiff breeze, the performance was energetic, quick, and accessible, and the feedback we received from audience members and from the Riverton Arts Festival staff was overwhelmingly positive. Kids and adults alike were enchanted and surprised by our little show, and we had an absolute blast performing it!

So, here's to a few more weeks of successful shows! If you'd like to schedule us for your event, email us at, or contact us via our facebook fan page. And if you have pictures or video of our performances, feel free to send them our way too!

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