Thursday, August 27, 2009

who are we now?

This summer, theater students from UVU and BYU teamed up to create the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. Originally, their goal was to create an original-practice production of a Shakespeare play. After the unexpectedly brilliant success of that little venture, a few of the grassrooters wanted to share the original-practice experience with everyone! So, the GSC became an educational experiment as well. On a monthly basis, Grassroots now produces workshops in which literally anyone can explore what it was like for actors in Shakespeare's day to perform. They memorize cue scripts, rehearse for a few hours, and perform to outdoor audiences for free. It's lively, fast-paced, and a little motley, but most of all, it's fun.

As you can probably glean from the reviews, the news, and the photos, we're having a good time playing with Shakespeare's original performance methods. And we're all about inclusion, so if you have ever had a desire to step on stage and try your hand at acting, or even if you just want to watch some very entertaining theater, check us out! We send out regular updates to our fans on facebook, and special workshop invitations to our email list, so join both today!

So far, our workshops have included Hamlet, The Winter's Tale, and A Midsummer Night's Dream, and we plan to produce a Macbeth workshop in September! So check out the photos, send us an email, and become a fan on facebook. And let's play!

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