Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Enrollment for MACBETH opens today!

The next Grassroots workshop, MACBETH, is going to be a bit special. First of all, it's my farewell to all you Grassrooters, as I'll be moving to England just a few days afterward to begin a two-year MFA in Staging Shakespeare. So, tender moment! But still, let's not make this a long, drawn-out affair, let's just remember what we had. And second, we're going to make this the biggest, craziest, and funnest original-practice Shakespeare workshop Utah County has EVER SEEN! Invite your friends, come to the 8pm Barbecue, wear crazy costumes, bring fake blood!! Whatever you can do to help make this the most engaging, creative, and surprising version of MACBETH we can possibly imagine, you do it!

Now, for those of you who are new at this, here's the skinny:

1) You sign up for the workshop by emailing grassrootsshakespeare@gmail.com on or before the 12th of September, whereupon you will receive part of a script, with lines which you will be required to memorize!

2) You arrive at SCERA Park in Orem, just off 600 N and State St., at or before 5:00PM on September 19th. There, we shall rehearse. We'll warm up, play with scene and character choices, and basically throw it together like a hot Elizabethan meat pie!

3) You eat at the delicious Barbecue, provided by the GSC for a mere $5, and talk with your comrades about how awesome you all are.

4) You perform your 1-hour cutting of MACBETH, start to finish, for a real live audience. You stun the world. You go on to greatness. Our lives are changed forever.

That's basically it. Sound crazy? It is. But hey, that's how they did it back in the day, and we think it makes for a supremely entertaining, educational, and enjoyable evening for everyone involved. So sign up, invite your friends, and let's go play in the park!

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