Saturday, April 7, 2012

So there was this one time...

So there was this one time our incredible mentor Kate McPherson decided it would be a good idea for Grassroots to host THE premiere original-practice scholar Tiffany Stern.

So a few weeks ago we drove down to UVU's field station in Capitol Reef National Park to spend time with her. Literally without the influence of her scholarship the ideas the started grassroots wouldn't have existed.

We learned about what got her into her research. As she told it, she was about 18 when her uncle invited her to research early modern rehearsal methods for his original Shakespeare company. From then on she found a special niche in scholarly research and became the leading scholar on the topic.

In the morning we demonstrated our rehearsal process for her, working a scene from Hamlet and performing one of our dumb shows from As You Like It. Her response to our work was very encouraging. She loved our exploration of relationship with the audience, and was SO excited to see a touring stage on Barrels!

We had a wonderful time in Capitol Reef. It happens to be one of the best places in the world for star-gazing. I must say, arriving at 3 in the morning, laying on the stage and looking at the stars was one of my highlights in a long history of wonderful grassroots memories.

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