Monday, April 9, 2012

What's next for the Grassroots Stage?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how you could possibly make your amazing touring stage even more amazing? Us too!!!

Here's a review of our visual aesthetic since our first touring year.

Our humble beginnings included four pillars and a roped off playing space.

Our second stage consisted of a cloth hung up between two ladders with an honorary bench and the dear old rope.

That's when UVU stepped in with a GEL grant to help us build our model for an authentic Elizabethan touring stage, pictured here in our show at the Masonic Temple.

So now we're thinking of giving our touring stage a face lift. Alex has been doing some research and found various examples of touring set ups from the Elizabethan, Jacobean and Restoration periods. What he's come up with, might look something like this:

Cool right? I know I for one was geeking out when I saw it. I also loved this quote from Alex on our discussion board, "The more I learn about Elizabethan aesthetics, the more convinced I become of it's propensity for ornate quality, intricate detail, and rich/gaudy impact."
It's gonna be an exciting summer!

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